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About Us

Focusing in Latin American and the Dominican Republic, we help to empower impoverished communities through compassion, providing for physical needs, emotional support, and health education.


RAIZ means ROOT in Spanish. We study each area to find the ROOT cause of physical, social, and spiritual issues to develop a skilled team that best meets the needs of the people. We are a culturally sensitive, Christian, non-profit ministry.

"I have RAISED you up for this very purpose That I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”

Exodus 9:16

Tarapoto, Peru July 2010


Raíz Ministries began from a desire to determine the root causes of spiritual and physical unrest in foreign nations and treat them by sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ. We believe in the importance of seeking after a relationship with Him instead of facilitating the idea of an unreachable god created by the barriers of religion. We stand firm in the absolute truth of the Word of God and strive to share these truths to nations around the world. Above all things, we wish to always act in love to fulfill our mandate to live our faith as pilgrims, defend our faith as soldiers, and share our faith as ambassadors of Christ. 

Our Board

Every member of the Raíz Ministry Board is selected through careful prayer and consideration from both parties. They share our heart for foreign ministry and are held to the standard of respect, compassion, and integrity. Everyone on the Raíz Ministry team operates with the intention of submitting to the authority of God and acting within His standards for moral uprightness. 

Chincha, Peru March 2010


Dominican Republic 2019


Raíz long-term staff is carefully selected to ensure both the safety of the people and and the unity of our vision and our beliefs. We welcome servant minded people who wish to use their passions or training to further Christ's love through ministry. We offer both twelve-month volunteer staff positions and short-term service opportunities on our building and outreach teams. If you feel called to join our mission, please contact us. We are excited to meet with you and hear your heart.

Founders, Timothy & Holly, have served in many roles in ministry since 1998. But in 2007, their hearts were forever changed during a month mission in Liberia, West Africa. They dedicated their work to foreign missions focusing on health education, medical teams, surgical teams, and dental care. The organization became a registered non-profit and 501c3 in 2008. Timothy and Holly led teams to Guatemala, Peru, and Zambia Africa. The people in all countries and villages were precious and taught them valuable lessons in joy and strength - no matter the circumstances. The team members who sacrificed to served with Timothy and Holly became family and were forever changed. The many lessons learned and relationships made during the 15 years of medical missions are priceless. 

Founder's Story

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In the 12 years of medical missions, Timothy and Holly realized that their focus was so much more than medical. Their focus was always to share the love of Christ through relationship and to share the freedom and joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This compassion for all people led to helping communities with education, construction, feeding projects, health education, and providing basic medical care to impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic. In 2018, Timothy and Holly felt led to rebrand from a medical ministry to a humanitarian based organization. They chose the name RAIZ - which means ROOT in Spanish. They believe in understanding the ROOT of issues and educating and working together with the locals to find long-lasting solutions and set a new standard for the future. All work and education is done with cultural sensitivity and compassion, understanding that the "western ways" are not always the best practice. RAIZ strives to remain a servant to the people in need and a positive example to all ministries.