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How do you stop abuse and trafficking before it starts?

We believe that education and compassion are the best weapons against the cycles of poverty and abuse.

Human trafficking in the Dominican Republic is the third largest international crime enterprise in the Caribbean, generating 9.5 billion U.S dollars annually.

 A 2022 study found that some of the primary causes of trafficking were family networks, domestic servitude, inequality, and a lack of information and education. The statistics are overwhelming, but we are striving to prevent abuse before children fall into harm. We believe that we can address this heartbreaking reality by empowering the local communities through education and oportunityand helping them become deeply rooted in love and unity. 


Having a resource center will help to expand our reach, provide a safe space, and create opportunity for those who are hurting. We ask that you please consider donating to help this cause. We are so grateful for any and all support.

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