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Little Manuela

Manuela - 6 year old girl. When trying to save her eye from an accident, we discovered that she has sickle cell anemia. She is struggling to be strong enough for surgery.

We were called when a 6 year-old girl was rushed to the capital for emergency eye surgery. She was playing with scissors and accidently poked her eye. She has already received one surgery, and needs another surgery to possibly save her eye. We are so grateful for our FaceBook family who immediately stepped up and raised the money for this surgery. During this process, it was discovered that she has sickle cell anemia. She is currently undergoing treatment to become stronger and hopefully able to receive the second eye surgery. Please be in prayer for her and her mom. We will keep everyone updated.

Update. unfortunately, the doctors were not able to get Manuela strong enough for surgery. We are absolutely heart broken. Thanks to funds donated, we were able to help with her treatments and transportation to the capital. Her mother is grateful and we will stay in prayer for Manuela and her family.

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