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Carlos's Surgery - New Update 2022

Update of Physical Therapy! You All Made This Possible! Carlos had broken his femur one and a half months before we found him. He was desperate with no hope of a surgery.

On our first trip into the impoverished village of Loma Bajita, we encountered Carlos. He is a young man that had his leg crushed and femur completely broken working on a construction site. He had no way of affording medical care nor surgery. Unfortunately, this is a very common injury in the Dominican Republic. Many people suffer trauma that they cannot afford to treat, so the wounds get worse until a broken leg turns into an amputation. These men can no longer work and provide for their families. In the most severe cases, these amputations become infected and end up causing gangrene and eventual death. We were lucky to find Carlos a month and a half after his initial injury. He was in immense pain, and the wound was infected, but we knew that if we could get him surgery right away, his leg would be saved. We reached out to our friends and family on social media for help to raise the money needed for his surgery, and they responded! Because of the positive response and huge hearts of our friends, we were able to pay for Carlos' surgery and post-operative care. He is doing very well in his recovery. His life is now completely changed thanks to the generous donations we received. Thank you to everyone who made this possible! We will continue to post updates along his road to recovery.

Update! Carlos is working so hard in physical therapy. We are so proud of him. Each day when we go to pick him up for therapy, he is early (which is rare for island culture) and so full of joy. He is getting stronger and more mobile. Carlos is sincerely grateful and feels indebted to us - we have assured him that, because of the love of Christ, his debt has already been paid. We will continue a relationship with him - we are excited about his future.

Update 2022. Carlos had to have a second surgery due to the screws in his leg moving and causing infection on the inside of the leg. The screws are removed, he has had several rounds of IV antibiotics, and is recovering well. It's been a long road - over 1 year. He is still so grateful and positive.

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