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Babies With Pneumonia

When working in the village, Loma Bajita (Redemption) for the first time, we did not know what to expect.

We were asked by our friend, Richard, to help medically in Villa Loma Bajita. As we went in for the first time, we encountered so many medical needs. The village is densely populated with one bedroom homes stacked against each other. The Haitian children and their families greeted us warmly. We teamed up with Dr. Dre- who has just finished medical school and has family living in this village- and went home to home caring for the needs. Many children had cold symptoms, but several of the babies were suffering from pneumonia. It seems unfathomable that a cheap antibiotic is not financially possible for the mother to afford, even when it comes down to life or death. But, unfortunately, this is the reality. The fatality rate in 3rd world countries due a lack a simple resources is staggering. It's one thing to read about situations like this, but a totally sobering to hold the children in your arms. We started the babies on Amoxicillin, which was about $4 for each baby. You could see the relief as the mothers said, "merci!" (thank you). We followed up several times the next week, and within 14 days, the babies were all well. Many of you watched the video that we posted of this little guy above, and have asked about his situation. He and the young lady who has taken him in are both doing well. We will continue to provide update on this villages' fight with pneumonia.

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